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May 2015 Waterloo Dressage I & II Shows

Show Report by Janeen Langowski, Coach & Competitor 

everyone on a great weekend at the Waterloo Dressage Show.   Weather was warm on Thursday and
  Friday, but then things deteriorated Saturday afternoon with rain storms.  Despite all the bad weather between Saturday
  afternoon and all day Sunday, Topline riders did fabulously.


  Lauren Hunter and Loxley showed Training Level and received a score towards Regionals, it's tough bringing babies
  along but Loxley was very well behaved and tried really hard. 


  Anne McClintock and BB. It was BB's first rated show and she had some nice scores in the 60's at Training Level. The
  two of you have made great progress. 


  Kenzie Miavitz
 and Capri are qualified for Training and First Level. Had scores in the high 60's all weekend including
  riding today in the sloppy mess. 


  Crissteen Miller and Swinger had some really nice scores and are qualified for Regionals too. Swinger was a trooper
  during both his tests this morning in the slop.

  My horses, Davi (Storm) and Welcome (Gus), received qualifying scores on Friday. I was able to get my ride in on Gus
  Saturday but not on Storm. The rain storms rolled in just as we were supposed to ride so we scratched and I opted to
  scratch Sunday as well.   Thank you everyone for all your help and support throughout the weekend.


April 2015 Lake Erie College Dressage Prix de Villes Show

Champions and Reserve Champions - Congratulations Everyone!
Show Report by Janeen Langowski, Coach & Competitor 

It was a fabulous and incredible weekend at the Lake Erie College Dressage Prix de Villes for our Topline Stable teams.  Thank you to all the  team members,  McKenzie (Kenzie) Miavitz, Lauren Hunter, Heather Soones Booher, Crissteen Miller and Sue Desimpel.  You made the weekend a success, as well as all the friends and family who supported us and cheered us on to victory.   I thoroughly enjoyed coaching and celebrating with you at the show. We all worked hard to prepare for this show weekend, and the hard work paid off.    Although it was a lot of work coaching both teams and competing on both teams, it was fun and well worth every minute.  Congratulations to all of us!

Topline NODA Terminators – Lower Level Division CHAMPIONS   Team Score:  69.22%
Heather Soones Booher, Lauren Hunter, Janeen Langowski, Crissteen Miller

Heather and Bordeaux (‘Bodhi’) had outstanding scores all weekend and received a PERFECT 10 on her leg yield left. Their scores were impeccable all weekend.   We are looking forward to their future together as Bodhi moves up through the levels.  Crissteen and Swinger had fabulous scores all weekend earning qualifying scores at training and first level. Swinger has the biggest heart and really tries to please his rider. Lauren and Loxley made their Training Level debut.   Loxley is a gorgeous 3 year old Oldenburg who was awesome to watch throughout the weekend as they both excelled.   They earned their first 70.000% together.   It is obvious they will have a bright future together in the show ring.  Janeen & Davi’s Danseur OBX (aka Storm) had a terrific show even thought Storm had most of the winter off, and literally started back to work two weeks before the show!   Storm thoroughly enjoys showing and gave it his all this weekend.  They won the ISR Oldenburg Award with a 72.826%.


Topline NODA Tactics Team  – Lower Level Division RESERVE CHAMPIONS   Team Score:  68.223%
Sue Desimpel, Kenzie Miavitz, Janeen Langowski

Sue and Currituck (‘Tucker’) did a fabulous job despite not competing at a Recognized show for quite some time.  We’re glad to see you back in the ring.    Kenzie and Capricious (‘Capri’) came together as a team this winter, and proved it at the show.   Kenzie and Capri won Low Level Team ‘Champion High Point’ with 71.346% (see photo on right above).    Janeen and Finn McCoul (owner Valerie Lopez) made their successful debut made his debut with amazing scores, including a 73.269%.   Finn will have a bright future in the dressage show ring.

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